Airports and NETPAP

Over the years, people have grown to expect Wi-Fi access from public places like airports. For people to be able to comfortably wait for their flights and arriving travellers, they need fast and reliable internet access. In order to properly manage airport Wi-Fi, hotspot management systems like NETPAP are necessary

Such systems give the airport full control over who accesses their Wi-Fi network and how they do so. They also provide convenient internet billing. Some of the ways in which our very own cloud-based hotspot management system, NETPAP can benefit airports include:

Providing passengers with flight information

The fact that NETPAP allows for device recognition ensures that your mobile devices are always connected to the network. This allows airports to send personal flight information directly to passengers' mobile devices.

Driving travellers to spend more money

By using NETPAP, airports can provide passengers with maps that help them find their way around the airport shops and restaurants. This helps increase their spending. . Airports can even advertise shops and restaurants using splash screens on their network. Personalized offers and coupons can also be included in the airport Wi-Fi network.

Improving the flow of passengers

NETPAP allows you to keep track of passenger flow in the airport. This kind of real-time data lets you know which areas of the airport are most congested and need more staff. This keeps travellers from having to wait and queue for long periods of time.

Moreover, airports can employ the use of automated boarding and check-in via smartphones to reduce the number of staff needed at check-in kiosks and boarding gates.

Offering different Wi-Fi profiles

NETPAP allows airports to provide free Wi-Fi for standard users and premium access for passengers who are willing to pay an extra fee. This provides the airport with extra revenue while catering for passengers that need very high Wi-Fi speeds.

Allowing for the separation of private and public network sections

When it comes to providing airport Wi-Fi access, the most important thing you have to ensure is data security. To ensure such security, it is important to separate your airport network into a public and private side. While the public side provides passengers with internet access, the private side provides internet access and networking for airport staff and contractors.

The Bottom Line

Considering all that it has to offer, it is undeniable that NETPAP has a big role to play in providing airports with secure and reliable Wi-Fi.

Airports and NETPAP
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