Hospitals and NETPAP

Gone are the days that doctors used pens and boards for patient records. With the invention of laptops, tablets, and smartphones, modern medicine has taken on a new look. Additionally, Wi-Fi has become deeply integrated into the lives of both patients and staff.

In order to ensure the seamless operation of your hospital Wi-Fi network, you will need to employ the use of a Wi-Fi hotspot management system like our very own NETPAP. Such systems allow you to provide controlled internet access to your patients through the use of prepaid vouchers or simply registering them on your network.

How do hospital Wi-Fi hotspot management systems work?

These systems keep your Wi-Fi network in top shape by:

  • Allowing you to see which areas of your hospital are experiencing the most traffic
  • Providing you with both historical and real-time data from your Wi-Fi network
  • Managing both prepaid and postpaid users
  • Managing the registration and renewal of packages
  • Facilitating the top up of prepaid plans
  • Restricting user access based on bandwidth and data
  • Enabling the posting of important information, coupons and offers on your network

Benefits of using a Wi-Fi hotspot management system for your hospital network

A Wi-Fi hotspot management system comes with a host of benefits for both the hospital staff and patients. These include:

  • Giving patients easy access to information on their medical conditions and course of treatment
  • Allowing patients to keep in contact with friends and family through social media and Skype
  • Providing visitors and relatives of patients with access to relevant information and special offers
  • Making patients feel at home, leading to faster recovery and increased customer loyalty
  • Allowing staff to easily access electronic medical records for better hospital performance
  • Allowing staff to communicate with and send relevant information to satellite and branch offices, leading to efficient collaboration with other medical officers
  • Allowing medical students to access the internet in a controlled manner that doesn’t put the corporate network at risk
  • Ensuring that patients and visitors can’t visit sites that are prone to malware. This includes sites that carry inappropriate content

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, Wi-Fi hotspot management systems like NETPAP go a long way in ensuring that hospitals run smoothly and efficiently. They also keep your patients happy, increasing the number of return clients. Ultimately, hotspot management systems like NETPAP can increase your productivity in ways you never thought possible

Hospitals and NETPAP
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