Hotels and NETPAP

In this digital era, almost all business sectors acknowledge the influence that Wi-Fi access has on their continued growth. The hospitality sector, in particular, has greatly benefited from the integration of Wi-Fi into its everyday business operations.

As hotel owners everywhere continue to install Wi-Fi in their establishments, there is a growing need for Wi-Fi hotspot management and billing platforms like NETPAP. Such platforms allow hotel owners to get the most profit from providing Wi-Fi to their clients. NETPAP specifically does this by:

Providing several access methods

By allowing your hotel customers to log in to your Wi-Fi network using vouchers, passwords, local accounts or even social media accounts, NETPAP gives you full control over how people access your network.

In this way, you can make sure that only registered customers can access your network. Moreover, letting people log in using their social media accounts helps you gather information about them. You can even have these people check in to your hotel Facebook page in exchange for free internet access.

Custom logins also allow you to link customer rooms and identification to their login credentials. This allows you to create customer profiles and set bandwidth and internet speed restrictions.

Facilitating device recognition

Due to NETPAP, your hotel customers won’t have to log in to the Wi-Fi network every time they surf the internet. After their original authentication, the network will recognize their mobile devices, allowing them to automatically access the internet and pick off from where they stopped whenever they need to.

This provides your customers with constant and convenient internet access throughout their stay at your hotel. This goes a long way toward attracting return customers.

Providing traffic analytics

NETPAP will allow you to know which people use your Wi-Fi the most, at what time they do so and which access modes they prefer. This lets you know how much traffic is generated so that you can act appropriately to reduce congestion.

This platform also lets you know how many devices have been redirected to your social media pages.

Providing premium access

While some of your hotel guests may be content with simply accessing the internet to reply their emails and access social media, there are those that use it to watch their favorite shows, watch music videos and even run their business.

As such, different types of customers require different internet bandwidth and speed restrictions. Knowing this, NETPAP allows you to create different profiles for different clients depending on their internet needs.

This feature let you classify customers, restricting bandwidth and internet speeds for those on a free plan while eliminating all restrictions for those willing to pay a fee for premium access. This keeps all your customers happy and satisfied, increasing the chances of their return.

Allowing you to publish advertisements

NETPAP lets you use splash screens to advertise any special offers, discounts or coupons you want guests to know about. NETPAP also provides you with branded login pages so that hotel guests associate you with the internet access they are receiving.

You could also choose to advertise relevant nearby businesses such as spas, restaurants, theaters, and cinemas on your network for a fee. This benefits you, your guests and the advertised businesses.

Supporting live chat

NETPAP features live chat support that allows you to get real-time feedback from your guests. This lets you know which services your clients love best and which ones need improvement.

Clients can also use the live chat to give suggestions on how you can improve your overall services. Some businesses even let their customers rate their services during a chat or take part in a post-chat survey.

In a nutshell

We live in a time when people have come to expect Wi-Fi access from any hotel they go to. As such, Wi-Fi hotspot management and billing solutions like NETPAP have a huge role to play in hospitality today.

Hotels and NETPAP
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