How to Add Value to Your Business Wi-Fi and Internet

While many businesses use Wi-Fi to increase work productivity, most aren’t aware of other ways you can use it to directly increase your income and build your brand. To ensure that your Wi-Fi gives you much more value, there are several strategies you can apply. Here are some of them.

Offering free Wi-Fi access to business customers

One of the most common ways in which people use Wi-Fi to add value to their business is by offering customers free internet access. This is especially common in shopping centers, hotels, and eating establishments.
Since such establishments benefit from elongating the period of your stay, they want to make you as comfortable as possible. The happier their customers are, the more return clients they get and the more revenue they generate.

Using vouchers to rent out your Wi-Fi access

Since you pay for your Wi-Fi whether you use it or not, it would be a waste not to utilize it to the maximum. As such, using vouchers to rent out your home or business Wi-Fi access to people in the area is a practice that is steadily becoming popular.
While you can do this by personally striking an agreement with your neighbors, it is best to use a third party like NETPAP! TELCO. We here at NETPAP! are dedicated to helping you seamlessly manage your hotspots from anywhere using our cloud platform. Some of the services we offer include:
* Allowing customers to use M-PESA to automatically buy vouchers
* Allowing Wi-Fi providers to manage hotspot users from a cloud-based web dashboard
* Giving Wi-Fi providers the power to set voucher expiration times, total consumption amounts and splash screens for advertising
* Allowing Wi-Fi providers to restrict voucher speeds
* Providing live chat support and access to track analytics
As long as you have a mikrotik router and fast reliable internet, you can easily create an account with us and begin selling your Wi-Fi. However, we have to warn you that renting out your Wi-Fi to many people at once can significantly lower your bandwidth quality.

Charging for premium Wi-Fi access

Whether you are offering free Wi-Fi access or renting out your internet access, you have the power to restrict internet speeds. For more profits, you can choose to offer clients premium access to higher Wi-Fi speeds at a small charge.

Placing advertisements on your Wi-Fi network

Whether you own a simple coffee shop or a large corporation, you can use advertisements to build your brand. When you place an advertisement of your business on your Wi-Fi network, everyone who uses it will be made aware of who you are and what you do. This can lead to an increased number of clients.
Additionally, businesses like shopping centers and restaurants can sell advertisement space on their networks to neighboring businesses. In this way, any customer will be alerted of nearby places where they can access certain services. Revenue from selling advertising space can be used to pay for your internet connection and so much more.

Trading off Wi-Fi access in exchange for email list subscription

To create awareness about your business and what it does, you can offer clients free Wi-Fi access in exchange for them joining an email list subscription. Email subscribers will then receive a monthly newsletter from your company letting them know about your products, services and current projects.

Offering coupons on your Wi-Fi network

In an effort to attract more clients, business owners can offer coupons on their Wi-Fi networks such that people using their internet are always kept abreast of the various product discounts they are offering.
The Bottom Line

Like with most technological advancements, we are yet to fully understand all the business implications of using Wi-Fi. However, it is highly possible that the future will hold a sea of possibilities in this sector.

How to Add Value to Your Business Wi-Fi and Internet
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