NETPAP and shops

Over the years, customers have become very demanding. Simply stocking your retail shop with what they need is not enough anymore. In this era of online shopping, you really need to promise customers an exclusive experience to convince them to even enter your shop. As such, many retail shops and malls have begun using free Wi-Fi access to attract shoppers.

In order for them to comfortably provide reliable internet access to all their shoppers, these establishments have had to invest in good Wi-Fi management systems such as our very own NETPAP. Some of the ways that NETPAP can benefit your shopping mall or retail shop include:

Giving you access to customer data

When customers access your Wi-Fi network, they have to provide their personal information such as their email addresses, phone numbers or social media account logins. Using NETPAP’S dashboard, a network admin can gain access to this information.

Such data lets shop owners know how many customers visit their shop every day, how many are return customers, and their demographics. This makes it easier to identify shopping trends and know how best to serve your customers.

Allowing you to engage with customers long after they leave

When customers login to your Wi-Fi network using their phone numbers or email addresses, you can use these contacts to engage with them long after they leave your shop. In this way, you can send them messages about any special offers you have going on in your shop. This increases the number of return customers.

Increasing your online visibility

By asking your customers to like your social media pages or check in to your Facebook page, you can acquire a very strong online presence that farther attracts more customers. You can do this by simply including links to your social media pages on your custom login page.

Alternatively, you can choose to redirect anyone who tries to connect to your Wi-Fi network to your social media page so that they can like or check in to your Facebook page before they can access the internet.

Advertising your products and special offers

NETPAP lets you use splash screens and branded login pages to advertise. You can choose to let customers know about any new products or special offers you have. For instance, you can offer new customer discount coupons in order to increase return rates.

The Bottom Line

Whether you run a retail store or a shopping mall, NETPAP is sure to benefit both you and your customers.

NETPAP and shops
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