NETPAP and Educational Institutions

It goes without saying that the internet has greatly revolutionized the education scene. The fact that it is literally an endless sea of information has made research significantly easier. Not only can you get most of the academic information you need on free websites, but it is also possible to buy books online and have them delivered to your doorstep.

Due to such advantages, educational institutions across the world have decided to install Wi-Fi networks in their schools, especially in their libraries. As such, now more than ever, there is a high demand for Wi-Fi management platforms like NETPAP. Some of the ways in which NETPAP can benefit your school include:

Facilitating device recognition

When you use NETPAP to provide free Wi-Fi within a school or college, students and staff that frequently use your network will be signed in automatically when they are around. This eliminates the need for them to sign in every time they need to access the network.

Providing a dashboard for easy monitoring for Wi-Fi usage

Using NETPAP’s easy-to-use dashboard, you can set bandwidth and speed restrictions. This feature allows you to allocate large bandwidths to where they are most needed. For instance, if there is a conference going on within the premises, you will be able to allocate the most bandwidth to the conference room in order to enable video conferencing.

This dashboard also gives you access to your network’s statistics such as session times and the number of redirections to your social media pages.

Allowing you to easily share information with students and staff

Using NETPAP’s splash screens, you can publish the school logo, photos, and other information you want network users to know about. NETPAP also provides your network with a branded log in page that can include links to your social media pages.

Providing multiple access methods

NETPAP allows administrators to select how users access their network. This way students, staff and visitors can access the network using a variety of methods including e-mail login, voucher login, password login or even social media login.

While most schools give students access to the network through personalized codes such as their registration numbers, staff can usually access it through a WPA2 secure password. On the other hand, visitors to the school can be allowed to access it by using their social media accounts, email addresses or phone numbers.

Final thoughts

At the end of the day, it is impossible to quantify how a Wi-Fi management system like NETPAP can benefit your school Wi-Fi. Its value is limitless.

NETPAP and Educational Institutions
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