Events and NETPAP

Whether we are attending a trade show, a fair or an exhibition, we have come to expect free Wi-Fi at our events. Great is our expectation that the success of many events these days is highly dependent on the presence of this now essential service. Fortunately, most event organizers have caught on and are now offering free Wi-Fi at all their events.

As such, the demand for Wi-Fi management platforms like NETPAP at events has really grown. Some of the ways that NETPAP benefits your event include:

Providing several convenient access methods

Using NETPAP, you can control how people access your network. They can log in using passwords, emails, and even social media accounts. Such methods make it easy to separate public guest accounts from those of panellists and exhibitionists.

While the latter can be allowed to sign into the network as admins, the public can be allowed to sign in using their emails, phone numbers or social media accounts. Allowing visitors to sign in with their phone numbers and email addresses enables you to engage with them long after they leave your event.

For instance, you can send them messages on similar upcoming events, therefore increasing visitor turn up. On the other hand, having people to sign in to the network using their social media account lets you gather information about them. Once you know your visitor’s interests and preferences, it becomes easier to provide them with personalized services.

Giving visitors relevant information about the event

Through the use of splash screens and a branded login page, NETPAP allows you to let your visitors know more about your event. For instance, you can include maps, catalogues and itineraries on your network. Such information not only helps your visitors get around much easier but also lets them know where and when the featured activities are taking place.

This leads to high customer satisfaction and an increased possibility of visitors returning to other events you organize in the future.

Improving online visibility

By asking visitors using your network to check in to your Facebook page and like your social media pages, you can create a strong online presence. Visitors who go as far as leaving online reviews or interacting with you through NETPAP’s live chat support offer valuable feedback that helps you improve your advertising campaigns and overall services.

This translates to an increased number of likes on social media platforms and increased attendance to any future events you organize.

In a nutshell

No matter what kind of event you are organizing, NETPAP can be adapted to fit your situation, leaving both you and your visitors satisfied.

Events and NETPAP
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