How Wi-Fi advertising/marketing helps your business

In this age of widespread free Wi-Fi, businesses are always looking for ways to use it to market their brand. As such, Wi-Fi advertising has become really popular, with tech companies spending a lot of their time and money to come up with a variety of advertising software. Some of the ways in which Wi-Fi advertising helps your business include:

Allows you to gather data needed to help improve business operations

No matter which Wi-Fi software you use, one thing is for certain; it will help you gather important information. For example, if you offer free Wi-Fi in your store, your software will allow you to track and monitor foot traffic and trends.

By knowing how people move throughout your store, you will be able to identify the areas where they spend the most time, and as a result, identify where to assign more staff. This information also allows you to come up with trigger notifications which are sent to people once they reach a certain area of your store.

Moreover, this kind of information can be tied to shopper profiles, allowing you to send customers text messages and emails containing special offers and promotions on products that are found in areas that they frequent.

Helps you learn more about your customers and their preferences

By allowing your customers to log in to your Wi-Fi network using their Facebook profiles, you not only increase the security of your business but also gain access to a lot of information about them. This data helps you better understand customer demographics, interests and behavior.

This helps you provide products that you are sure your customers will like. This removes the guesswork out of service provision.

Makes it possible to test run marketing campaigns

Instead of spending a lot of time and effort on marketing campaigns that you’re not sure will work, Wi-Fi advertising allows you to create micro-campaigns to test which advertisements work with which customers. This gives you instant feedback, enabling you to create more creative advertisements.

In this way, you can increase the number of return clients and outmaneuver competitors.

Allows you to stay in contact with customers long after they leave your business

Through Wi-Fi advertising, you can offer clients incentives to join email subscription lists and connect social media. In this way, you can stay in touch with them even when they are miles away, alerting them of any new promotions, discounts, and sales. This results in an increase in the number of return customers.

Enables you to use your login landing pages for marketing

Wi-Fi advertising allows you to share new information on your login landing pages. Such information can include facts about your brand, news updates, and promotions of new products and services.

Enables you to use push notifications to attract customers

When customers near or in your business area login to your Wi-Fi network, you can send them push notifications letting them know about any special sales or exclusive coupons. This attracts new customers and increases return rates.

Moreover, customers walking into a specific area of your business can receive personalized push notifications with product promotions that match their previous purchases.

Uses embedded live chat to get customer feedback

Another way that Wi-Fi advertising can provide you with customer feedback is through an embedded live chat. This feature allows you to interact with your customers in real time, giving you a better glimpse of how they feel about your service and how it can be improved. This enables you to come up with more popular products and marketing campaigns.

In order to increase customer feedback, some businesses even let their customers rate their services during a chat or take part in post-chat surveys.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, the benefits of Wi-Fi advertising greatly outweigh any costs incurred. This type of advertising ultimately leads to increased number of customers and brand loyalty; factors that work to your profit.

How Wi-Fi advertising/marketing helps your business
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